April 12, 2010


Weekly Contributors

Jennifer - a graphic, product & furniture designer and a new mother! She graduated from UC Davis School of Design with a degree in Environmental Design with emphasis in Interior Architecture and Graphic Design. Jennifer is currently dabling in architecture and in the process of designing a LEED home complete with green roof (for food production) and ample outside living areas for her family.

Christine - An avid lover of color, whimsy and originality, Christine has always loved parties and loved to create. Her obsession with party decor became very apparent when she planned her own DIY wedding from top to bottom. (you can see pictures from her wedding and read more of her story on her blog, Justloverly.blogspot.com) A year later, she decided to take the leap into the handmade indie business with Just Loverly http://justloverly.com, a company that specializes in wedding and party decor. Christine has an intense passion for DIY projects and working with our earth instead of against it; many of her projects use household items that have been re-imagined to become eco-friendly. Christine lives and works as a dance teacher in Oklahoma City with her totally rad husband, Jacob, and their giant puppy Thad.

Erika - add two parts attorney, one part www.ArtsyFartsyShopaholic.blogspot.com, and a splash of Southern hospitality.  When she's not in court, blogging, or planning her next big party, you'll find Erika digging in her garden, hitting neighborhood estate and yard sales, or dreaming up her next home renovation project.  Erika and her husband live in Memphis, TN, with their two very spoiled dogs and one baby on the way.

Sara - An experienced event planner with nearly every kind of event, party, and press event under her belt. She has stage managed theatre, opera, dance, and over 1,000 events for a major entertainment company. Sara also has experience with weddings and organized non-profit events and balls all over the world. Currently living in New York City with her husband and cat, KimChi, she writes for CreateMyEvent every Tuesday with fun tips and trends for parties, and lots of pictures! Sara can also be found at the blog: http://www.eventlucky.com/

Kim-Erin - Originally from Honolulu, Kim-Erin now resides in Orange County, CA with her husband and baby girl. She is an event planner with over 15 years experience. She loves spending time her family, the beach and full house with lots of laughter and even more food. You can find her at www.livingeventfully.blogspot.com.

Guest Contributors

Tina Hutchison - Christina is the mother of a beautiful little girl named Catie Mae. The wife of a great mane named Michael. And the owner of a little dog named Max. Christina loves crafts, sewing, cooking, entertaining and everything creative. She hopes this blog gives her a place to express her artsy side. She feels like it's just bursting at the seams sometimes! Christina blogs out of Midland, Texas, at: http://www.tinabell-twitterpated.blogspot.com/

Heather - a.k.a. It's My Party, Heather is a creative person who always has a dozen projects on the go! New techniques and ideas are always being posted on her blog, out of Kelowna, British Columbia, at: http://itsmypartyevents.blogspot.com/ & http://twindragonflydesigns.blogspot.com/

Susan Boroch - Susan loves to entertain, plan parties, decorate and enjoys being creative. She was in the graphic design business before having children. Now she is the mother of two, a 16 year old daughter and a 14 year old son with disabilities. Her life has been challenging, but she tries to find time for things she enjoys. http://entertainexchange.blogspot.com/

Nikki - Nikki is wife of a U.S. Army Officer, and mother to a baby boy. She also has two little furry babies, a pomeranian and a chihuahua. Nikki is a super huge fan of the color pink, blonde hair, cute shoes, even cuter sundresses, and ranch dressing. She couldn't live without Chapstick, Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper, or bottled water. At the top of the soundtrack of her life would be Dancing Queen by ABBA. If she has some free time on her hands, chances are you'll find her reading, writing, or shopping. Cooking is NOT her favorite, but she does do it to feed the family. Baking is just above cooking, although she does love the results of baking a whole heck of a lot.  http://www.morethananarmywife.com/

Dawn Smith - a.k.a. Not Just A Mommy, Dawn is the mother of 2 wonderful boys, step-mother to another, wife, and owner of a very hyper mini schnauzer. She has a B.S. in Mathematics, and it comes in handy when she's making sure the kids have equal amounts of cookies. This is part of her journey to becoming a professional event planner. It's her way of keeping the brain fresh and in the loop with tips and trends on entertaining, event planning, and lifestyle! Dawn blogs out of North Snohomish County, WA, at: http://www.dawnypoo.blogspot.com/