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April 21, 2009



How about a bonfire? Had guests fake mortgages when they walk in the door.

Katrina London

How about a bit of "ritual" to celebrate and acknowledge her journey, her achievements and the people who have helped her on the way?

A ritual smudging with smoking thyme leaves, cleansing the house of the "work" of the mortgage and recreating it as a nurturing space

A board with photos of relatives and friends who have empowered her through her 25 year journey

A symbol of the change of status -- entering the house through a curtain or crossing a ceremonial threshold (eg. flowers, greenery and pinecones)

A bonfire of the mortgage document and anything else that is no longer necessary in her life. Use scented wood or include some green pine/eucalyptus branches for fragrant smoke (not kerosene!!)

Poetry, quotes or wishes from the guests honoring her journey and achievement

A celebratory meal

An exchange of gifts or blessings between your mum and the guests present

Good luck!

Tori @ Thoughtfully Simple

It could be a spin on a house-"warming" party. The house will warm because you're burning up the mortgage!

-Make flaming desserts, or smores :)
-Serve Hot Totties
-Send invites and in the envelope include personalized matchbooks!

Oh now I am loving this party idea!

Kelly Hardin

Invitations made to look like a mortgage document would be cute.


Are you sending invitations? You could make oversized match books with 'Betty's mortgage burning party' on the front, and all the other info on the back. On the inside you could include the flap just like an actual book and staple a fake mortgage, folded up on the inside. Instruct everyone to bring their mortgage and you can all burn them together.

The Heart of A Teacher

Just would like to say CONGRATS! We are also in the same boat. We paid off our house in July 2009 and looking to have a Mortgage burning party as well. We are going to invite individuals who have a desire to get out of debt to show them it is possible. We are going to give our guest our real payment slips and allow each one to throw it in the fire to help us celebrate. We are going to allow the people to talk about what they would do if they were debt free.

www.theheartofateacher.com (check us out)


I would reccomend spending one entire mortgage payment on the party and let the guests eat it. Also could do the Archie Bunker deal-1 candle for each year of the mortgage and then burn a copy of it in a trash can. Just don't smash an inlaws face in the cake.

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