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September 02, 2008


Pumpkin Petunia

Can you give us an idea of what type of event - theme, colors, what the fundraiser is for? It may help spark some ideas. : )

Lisa Juliano

It is an annual event called Hats in the Garden at Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida. This will be the fifth year we have held it. It is in a tent at our Garden. The colors this year are a light pink and chocolate brown. We are not doing a theme this year as we are focusing on our expansion of the Garden. It is a ladies luncheon for 430 guests that raises about $250,000 annually. We have about 20 committee members to get name badges for. Woman dress in their finest couture and designer millinary to come out to the lunch so I have to be careful with how we attach the badging onto their clothes. Does this help? You can also check out our website at www.naplesgarden.org but we do not currently have pictures of past events up as this is a new web design that we just launched. Thanks.

Pumpkin Petunia

Oh, that helps alot. OK, I'll put my thinking cap on!


What about tiny garden hats (like these at http://www.tropicrafts.com/catalogo.php?cat=3
attached to a wrist ribbon with the committee member's name done in calligraphy on the long end of the wrist ribbon? Kind of a garden-hat-charm-bracelet...or done as a brooch...


That is a great idea. I will present it to the ladies to decide upon. (That is sometimes the hardest part!) Thanks for your help.


Keep ideas coming in if you can. I have to present everything to be decided upon to a committee and the more ideas the merrier. Thanks.

pumpkin petunia

These letterpress flowers are really lovely and would work well, I think. You could use patterned paper instead of letterpress scraps.

Second photo down.


Thanks so much for your help. These are great ideas that are outside of the norm. I will present the ideas to the ladies.

Tena Middleton

How about a HAT namebadge, as the event is called "hats in the garden"...or even a flower or garden tool...just an idea.


How about embroidered Members Only Jackets or a customized wrist corsage?


We are having a ladies brunch and would like to put the ladies name with the meaning of the name beside her plate. Any ideas on how to do this creatively?

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