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July 08, 2008



My kids forced me to host a “candy themed party” for them on their birthday. They must have got this idea from their friends. I had no clue as to what these parties are all about, so I started surfing the internet but couldn't find anything that seemed to be what they were looking for. Finally I found this blog called http://www.partyworldblog.com/ that not only offered me some brilliant candy themed ideas but also reduced my budget! The party was a huge blast and all the kids loved it!


I am about to have a Candy Themed b-day party and we got paper or plastic plates and stapled themone upside down one regular and put a craft stick in the middle and put tissue paper over it and got ribbon and tied it in th middle so the tissue paper would stay theres your lolipop!Then,we got more plastic plates and stapled them the same way and put more ticue paper over it and make sure the tissue paper is big enough so both end of the side tie with ribbon and theres your little candy!

(P.S. you can add little curls to the ribbon!)


This candy site is so cool! I love these party ideas! I will totally use these party ideas when I have a party!


I am planning a Candy-Themed party for my daughter's 1st birthday...we are calling it the "Sweetie-Pie Party". This blog has helped me tons! I like to see pics of party ideas so that I can create my own ideas. Thanks alot for all the help! Awesome job.

Erin Sevil

I love this website! It's one of the best I've seen so far. I love all your ideas. Thanks because I'm having a candy themed party and I'll definitely be incorporating some of these things into it.

Birthday Party Checklist

I’m starting to make my birthday party planning checklist so for my daughter 1st birthday party. Thank you for this girly ideas.

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