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August 21, 2007


Kelly Mahoney

I really enjoy the idea of a signature cocktail, it's both unique and sophisticated. And I agree, tip jars are tacky.


How do you handle it if the venue staff clear drinks from tables as fast as guests can order them (i.e. the guest is not finished drinking it yet)? Then the guest will just go an order another one and your bar bill skyrockets because guests are ordering multiple drinks but only drinking half of what they order because the staff are clearing drinks too fast. This was a HUGE problem at the last wedding I attended.

At home with Kim Vallee

I agree with your rules except for the champagne. As a champagne lover, I have to disagree with you. Champagne is part of tradition that must continue. After all, a wedding is not an everyday event.

If you are worried about waste, serve the champagne in smaller glasses, tell the service staff to not offer refills or set a time where most people have an empty drink to do your toast. You can always play around a situation if you think about it.

Laura, I would advise to complain to the maitre d'hotel about that fact while the party is still going on. But really it comes down to the honesty and the reputation of the venue place. Taking an open bar at a fixed price per person is not the cheapest option but you know in advance how much it would cost.

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