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April 17, 2006


Nina Payne

Jennifer knows she is pregnant,
But she does not know this…
We're planning a shower
That you won't want to miss

Susan H

I am planning a baby shower for my best friend and was really undecided about where to find cute baby shower invitations that I could use my own wordings. After some searching, I found some really good sites and want to share these with you so you won’t have to search as I did. http://www.cardsshoppe.com/Baby_Shower_Invitations/Baby_Shower_Invitations-3-1.htm, http://www.cardspersonalized.com/Baby-Shower-Invitations-3.htm, http://www.cards-411.com/Baby_Shower_Invitations/browse-15.htm and http://www.express-invitations.com/baby_shower_invitations/Baby-Shower-Invitations-Announcements.php.

All sites had real cute cards, would allow me to use my own wordings and had some sample baby shower sayings for me to use. Though all were great, I ordered from http://www.cards-411.com and was not disappointed. The baby shower cards were beautiful, and I got lots of compliments.


Is there a site that I can create the invitation with RSVP and have a wish list?


Anyone have any tactful and unique ways to ask guests to bring a pack of diapers with them to a baby shower? Maybe they will be entered in a drawing to win a prize?


I am trying to find the perfect wording for a shower I am throwing. It's a personal/honeymoon shower. I didn't want to title it lingerie b/c I wanted it include anything appropriate for their honeymoon. Any wording ideas? The bride and groom's names are Kym and Joey??

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